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Entruphema provides the platform, know how and expertise that enables the players in the emerging economics of broadband video distribution to thrive. Our industry-leading digital content delivery platform DICODEC™ is the engine that delivers video content over the Internet, IPTV and Mobile platforms.  As online revenue models evolve from primarily gaming and adult applications to more mainstream offerings, the opportunities to profit from broadband video distribution grow unchecked.  If your organization is looking to drive revenues by exploiting commercial content either on pay-per-view basis or in an ad-supported business model as well as manage and deliver free promotional content, or launch a download-to-own or rental retail operation, DICODEC™ is the platform that does it all. Whether you prefer a fully hosted offering or the flexibility of an easily customizable enterprise platform, contact us to learn more about how we can help you to realize your dreams.

Media Companies

Network Operators


Media Companies Network Operators Retailers

Content producers and distributors use DICODEC™ to deploy ad-supported or pay-per-view digital web properties, manage collateral assets, and merchandise and promote their product in innovative ways direct to consumers over the internet. 

Cable operators, Telcos and other content service providers integrate DICODEC™ with their existing subscriber billing management and advertising systems to support the delivery of subscription, rental, and ad-supported broadband video offerings.

Retailers, distributors and rights aggregators use the licensing, asset management, scheduling and merchandising capabilities of DICODEC™ to provide customized delivery while retaining ultimate control over their consumer’s experience.