Back-end Engine

The DICODECT Advantage
Merchandising & Scheduling
Customer Support

DICODEC™ is powered by a powerful back-end system that is second to none.  It allows content producers, aggregators and distributors to “push” content to consumers that they will buy.  The robust database tracks consumer behavior as it evolved and allows for scheduling and merchandising of current in-demand content. 

Customers can chose both the “volume” of content that they wish to consume as well as the duration and the method of delivery.  Customer preferences are recorded and retained so that the customer can retain a convenient consistent and comfortable personalized experience.

The engine supports membership, subscription, ad-supported content deployment, and pay-per-view.

The DICODEC™ back-end engine is designed to integrate with, and leverage your existing on-line properties.

Back-end Engine Key Features

  • Allows control of pricing, packaging and delivery
  • Enables merchandizing and schedules through automated tools
  • Allows the integration of components on top of existing properties
  • Provides scalable tools and services on a common platform
  • Allows the gradually roll-out of content assets in a phased approach