The DICODEC™ Advantage

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Entruphema provides products and solutions for content owners, service providers, and on-line retailers that want to launch new digital media businesses. Our flagship product – DICODEC™ - has been designed specifically to enable multiple business models to keep pace with evolving market needs. Whether you are an experienced content producer and owner who wants to sell directly to consumers or a distributor investigating new advertising tools and pay-per-view models, DICODEC™ provides the tools you need. With over 6 years experience in creating and integrating content management, merchandising and scheduling systems, Entruphema realizes that successful digital content businesses require a flexible platform that puts our client in control. This gives them the ability to meet changing market needs with a platform that integrates with existing systems.

DICODEC™ Key Features

  • Revenue opportunities – targeted advertising models, and pay media offerings which
    include download, subscription, pay-per-view rentals, free content, promotions
    and coupons.

  • Content ingestion, encoding and transcoding – proprietary processes for encoding
    and categorizing with bulk upload capabilities that enable rapid launch of new

  • Asset and meta-data management – Complete cradle-to-grave asset management
    including rich management information systems to track progress.

  • Security, licensing and DRM – The model supports both built in DRM as well as an
    option to integrate with different DRM models.

  • Custom player – a customized skinable media player which includes a current play
    list, access to content catalogues, as well as advertising and sponsorship “spots” for
    easy promotion and sale of media.

Payment and billing solutions – may be launched with new billing systems or may be integrated with existing e-commerce, billing, and CRM systems.