Merchandising and Scheduling (Content Management System)

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The DICODEC™ scheduling and merchandising system is a publishing tool for managing the virtual store front (homepage) and other promotional aspects. The system allows administrators to manage new content before it is published to pre-defined areas and to add promotional offers and manage product categories.

The “white-label” template-based system is customizable to easily match existing branding and CSS in order to enhance the customer experience and ensure proper association with the product or business line brand.  In short: it provides seamless integration with existing properties. Each on-line property can be unique, giving greater control to administrators who wish to capitalize on each demographic by specifically managing the consumer experiences in each niche market.

A preview option in the administrative tools provides the ability to quickly check the impact of changes made and allows for either acceptance or rejection of changes.  Mocked-up versions can be retained for review and approval until deployed or discarded.