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Entruphema provides a proprietary customer service system that is fully integrated with your multiple DICODEC™ based properties.  Whether you use our on-line tools or, like most of our clients, want us to handle full front-line customer and technical support, Entruphema has a solution to fit your needs.

The on-line tools provide direct communication with your customers.  Support representatives can quickly analyze and solve problems with the troubleshooting library in the customer support database.  Our experience has shown that the on-line tools greatly improve overall customer satisfaction, create loyalty and reduce operating costs.

Customer support access to on-line billing systems allows CSRs to view real-time billing information to investigate issues and resolve customer queries promptly. 

Ultimately, the on-line tools allow CSRs to exploit the power of DICODEC™ and instantly solve problems such as technical issues with content delivery and player devices and immediately issue coupons, credits and refunds.

Customer Support Features

Customer Management

  • Access to detailed customer account information
  • Reset passwords
  • Block customer account access
  • Give refunds and issue credits

Content Management and Licensing

  • Reissue DRM Licenses
  • Revoke DRM Licenses


  • View customer billing information
  • View transaction history, purchases, credits, refunds, downloads and rentals
  • Process and refund transactions and purchases


  • CSR users can change customer information
  • Administrators can add/suspend accounts, assign roles, change email addresses,
    reset passwords