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As the world of ecommerce grows stronger, content producers and owners can chose to distribute their content through more and more distributors and retailers.  As broadband delivery of content replaced traditional hard copy distribution, retailers recognized the need to continue to serve traditional customer base by delivering products on-demand.  At first, innovative digital download services accompanied physical DVDs.  However, there was a quick progression to virtual on-demand delivery without the need to put a hard copy in the consumer’s hand. Enter DICODEC™, an end-to-end solution that includes hosting, content management systems, ecommerce tools, publishing, website management and integration, download management and more.

With DICODEC™, retailers are able to implement variable pricing and package promotion while immediately gauging consumer appetite and evaluating changing tastes.  Price elasticity testing and control group testing are accomplished with the sophisticated proprietary DICODEC™ tools.  Global pricing tools allow retailers to differential pricing by geographic/economic region.  Built-in marketing tools include creative product enticements using coupons and/or discounts.  These robust tools are essential for new age retailers that are competing in the increasingly demanding on-line space.

Entruphema provides retailers with a proprietary customer service system.  Whether they use our on-line tools or, like most of our clients, want us to handle full front-line customer and technical support, Entruphema has a solution to fit their needs.  Our on-line tools greatly improve overall customer satisfaction, create loyalty and reduce operating costs.